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Kaclix Ptc Template for PTC Script

( Paid To Click Website )


IT WORKS ON 5.1 Need Boost for 5.5, 5.7 , 5.8, 5.9

Buy now Kaclix Ptc Template for paid to click website because this Kaclix Ptc Template is all in one for change any option and you can full customize this PTC website template.

Kaclix Ptc Templateis a website template for (PTC) Paid to click advertising site program for members earning for every ads clicked by the users.

Kaclix Ptc Template Especially for PTC Evolution Script and Evolution Script, This PTC website compatible with all in one PTC platform.

Easy installation and Full decoded (Editable Full Website) if you can any change in this ptc template so you can completely.

We provide you installation if you need any help for installation Kaclix Ptc Template.

Kaclix Ptc Template For PTC Platform (Paid To Click Website).

Buy now Kaclix Ptc Template for evolution ptc script because this website is all in one.
You can change any option and you can full customize this template,


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1 review for Kaclix Ptc Template

  1. sifddine

    Is it compatible with
    Evolution Script v5.9.2 + 26 Plugins v 5.9.2

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